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Education & Training Recruitment

Recruiting the best training staff is essential for the success of any educational institution or training organisation. Skilled trainers are the backbone of effective learning programs, and finding the right talent can be a challenging task. To streamline the process, consider utilising SPR, who can significantly assist in recruiting top training staff.

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Quickest Education & Training Recruitment

The education sector in the United Kingdom has always been a hub of activity, with schools, colleges, and universities constantly searching for top talent to inspire and educate the future generation.

In an environment where timing is crucial, it’s important to have a team in your corner that understands recruitment in a big way. That’s where we come in. We will utilise our years of experience in recruitment as well as our own job board and network to find you the candidates you need.

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What Our Partners Say

Based on 37 reviews
Luke Singer
Luke Singer
A fantastic recruiter that work tirelessly to find your next dream role. Thanks for everything Naomi
Paige Skeete
Paige Skeete
The SPR team are inspired and inspiring. Thank you for all you do for both candidates and the community!
John Wright
John Wright
Naomi is a super friendly individual help me to obtain a job within a few days can not fault her skills at all thank you!!!
A great team to work with. SPR are a unique recruitment agency as they focus not just on recruitment but also on social values and actually making a difference to the community and supporting the residents of Walsall to move closer to the labour market. Keep up the good work!
Calvin Lloyd
Calvin Lloyd
Friendly staff and helpful
Mark Hamilton-Taylor
Mark Hamilton-Taylor
Social driven business
Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne
Worked with the group for 3 years and it's great to see the impact they have in the community. A recruitment agency not like any other when it comes to service, value for money and delivering impact!
Bhanu Dhir
Bhanu Dhir
The best place to satisfy your vacancy needs. Great customer service, great people, they give all of their profits to charity

SPR work with the region’s tops businesses and organisations



We use the biggest job boards across the country as well as our own internal offering sprsearch.co.uk. This allows us to have a wide reach in the talent pool.


We understand teaching & education recruitment. There are many different roles that need specialist attention. Our team are fully aware and equipped to deal with this.


We are people-powered and proud of it. We donate 100% of our profits to a great charity that helps enrich local lives, businesses, and local communities

Frequently asked questions

What Qualifications Are Needed To Apply For Teaching Positions?

To apply for teaching positions, candidates typically need a relevant degree and a recognised teaching qualification, such as a PGCE or QTS in the UK. Additionally, experience in the education sector and subject-specific expertise can strengthen your application.

Do You Recruit For Temporary Or Substitute Teaching Positions?

Yes, we recruit for temporary and substitute teaching positions to help schools maintain continuity and quality in education. Our extensive database of qualified educators ensures we can quickly match schools with suitable candidates.

How Do You Match Teachers With The Right Schools?

We match teachers with the right schools by thoroughly assessing their qualifications, experience, and teaching style to ensure a perfect fit. Our personalised approach and deep understanding of each school’s unique needs help create successful and long-lasting placements.

What Criteria Do You Use To Screen Potential Candidates?

We use a comprehensive screening process that includes evaluating candidates’ qualifications, experience, and skills, as well as conducting thorough background checks. This rigorous approach ensures we only recommend highly suitable and reliable candidates to our clients.

Can You Assist With The Application And Interview Process For Teaching Roles?

Yes, we provide comprehensive assistance with the application and interview process for teaching roles, including CV preparation and interview coaching. Our support ensures candidates present themselves effectively and increase their chances of securing their desired positions.