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Over the last 20 years, our specialist recruitment experts, based in Walsall, have helped transform businesses and organisations from start-ups through to public sector organisations across the West Midlands; We serve a variety of needs from permanent, interim and temp roles.

Why Trust Us With Your Recruitment?

Our experience & commitment to giving back means we try harder to understand your recruitment needs better. This helps us find people who will enjoy working for you, as much as you will enjoy working with them.


Starting Point Recruitment have the largest temping community in the West Midlands, with over 1000 great candidates ready to start work and available to interview.

We know the fast-paced nature of temp working. We match this urgency with our energy, commitment and understanding. Filling roles with people who’ll love working with you, as much as you’ll enjoy working with them.

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We know that hiring for permanent staff is crucial to a businesses and organisational success. At SPR our recruitment specialists take the time to understand your needs, offering a long-term approach that ensures we pair you with the best talent that suits your requirements, and your culture. 

Contact us to see how we can provide the most suitable candidates for your roles.

Looking to Hire? Submit a Brief Today!

What Our Partners Say

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Aram Dhaliwal
Aram Dhaliwal
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An outstanding organisation that at its heart is dedicated to bettering the lives of people. Some wonderful folks at Steps to Work/Starting Point Recruitment (STW/SPR) who do their best everyday to help others, I for one so grateful to have come across Steps to Work/Starting Point Recruitment, thanks to them I secured an excellent job as a Skills Trainer.
Barrie Hodge
Barrie Hodge
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Very professional company that has social good at its heart.
Radost Dineva
Radost Dineva
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Great service, and amazing recruitment agency! If you are looking for a job, they are the right people. Friendly, professional and simply amazing!
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Sammy was professional and quick to respond to any questions I had during the process and I would highly recommend both his and Starting Point Recruitment's services -thanks again Sammy.

SPR Recruit for the region’s tops businesses and organisations



With over two decades of experience, SPR have the biggest temp and perm community in the West Midlands. 

We have built a framework that matches job seekers with employers.

From an employers perspective we can carry out candidate screening, assessing skills and even conducting interviews to take the hard work out of your next employee hire. 


SPR specialists have between 2 to 10+ years experience in the business.

We know what good looks like.

We work with you to find the best solution for your needs. A trusted partnership to clients and candidates. Whatever your industry, we will have a talent consultant to assist you in finding the right candidates to fill your open positions. 


When we say we’re different.
We really mean it.

We are people powered and proud of it. As a company we donate 100% of our profits to a great charity  that helps enrich local lives, businesses and local communities.

But shush. It’s just something we choose to do. It’s not what we’re here to do.