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At Starting Point Recruitment, we stand out from the traditional recruitment agency landscape in Oldbury. Our dedication to our clients and delivery of high-quality recruitment services is matched only by our commitment to effecting social change in our local communities. We ensure that 100% of our profits are reinvested into local charities and worthy causes, supporting individuals in overcoming barriers to their full potential. We have been providing exceptional temporary and permanent recruitment services to clients in Oldbury for over 20 years. Join us in our responsible recruitment revolution!
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Starting Point Recruitment have the largest available temping community in Oldbury, West Midlands.

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We have a database of staff seeking permanent work positions in Oldbury. As seasoned recruiters we understand that permanent staff are the lifeblood to many companies. 

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Starting Point Recruitment’s extensive network of local businesses and employers in Oldbury provides us access to a wide range of job openings in diverse sectors. From manufacturing and engineering to logistics, we are committed to helping you find the perfect role that matches your skills and career goals. We appreciate that each candidate is unique, and this is reflected in our recruitment process.

Our team of dedicated and experienced recruiters invests time in understanding your aspirations, skills, and preferences, ensuring that we match you with the right job opportunities. Whether you’re seeking full-time or part-time work, we have the perfect role for you.

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Employers Fill Your Roles Today

About The Area

Oldbury is a bustling suburb located in the metropolitan borough of Sandwell, West Midlands, England. The area saw significant growth during the Industrial Revolution as a primary centre for iron and steel manufacturing.

Today, Oldbury offers a unique mix of history, culture, and modern amenities, and is home to a diverse range of businesses, parks, and other attractions.

Job Opportunities in Oldbury

In recent years, Oldbury has undergone considerable growth across various sectors, creating an array of job opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds. The presence of major companies such as Jaguar Land Rover and 3M has boosted the local economy.

The manufacturing and engineering sectors, anchored by Jaguar Land Rover, offer roles in areas such as design, production, and project management.

The logistics sector, backed by corporations like 3M, provides numerous opportunities in distribution, supply chain management, and operations.

Oldbury’s diverse job market caters to a wide range of skill sets and career aspirations. With continuous development and investment across various sectors, Oldbury presents a promising environment for individuals seeking satisfying employment.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career journey, feel free to give us a call, send us an email, request a callback, or submit your CV online. Take the next step today!